Allergy and the stomach

This document is about the naturopathic management of allergies and is adapted from the QXCI system with permission from Professor William C. Nelson.

Allergy, as in most diseases, has a multitude of causes. It is a reaction to one or more compounds and manifests as an excess cascade of antibodies in the body. Special cells in the body tissue, known as mast cells, store hisamine. The hisamime is released as a response to the cascade. The consequence of releasing this histamine is a shift to alkalinity in the area. This in turn draws water, causing the allergic swelling of the tissues which can present as asthma, sinus, eyes, hives and so on.


The start of an allergy is related to the mental state of the client at the time of exposure. As an example consider two identical twins, aged 5, sitting on a park bench. Two identical twin bees approach. Each selects a twin and stings their victim on the arm. One twin runs to the left and finds their mother. Mother says it will be all right. She soothes the mind and offers comfort. The mind of this twin calms and starts to relax. The other twin runs to the right and does not find his mother. This twin's mind feels the extreme pain and swelling and thinks there is a threat to life. The hypothalamus causes the reticulo-endothelial system (immune system) to make excess antibodies to all compounds present. 

These antibodies can be to the bee sting, the pollen on the bee's feet or the chocolate cake in the digestive tract of the child. An allergic response to a substance does not occur on the first exposure. A toxic or enzyme deficiency reaction may occur the first time but not an allergic response. The excess antibodies have to be developed in advance. 

It is easier to develop allergies to some compounds more than others. Those causing a reaction have harsh features or are somewhat toxic at the start. These include pollens, dust, air pollution, animal dander, yeasts, wheat, corn, sugar, peanut, gluten, shellfish and milk.

In times of great stress the mind can trigger the production of antibodies to try to prepare for the next exposure. This can be an attempt to prevent a repeat of the hurt. As such the mind might chose to make an allergy in times of emotional stress. Once the excess antibodies are made the body will have an organic reaction independent of the original emotion. There will be some slight unconscious memory. The allergy is always an attempt by the unconscious to protect the person. The effected person may have a hard time realising this.

The NLP emotional desensitisation techniqes in the QXCI device will assist by taking on the emotional component of the antibody cascade which is the allergy. However, this is not enough.The QXCI develops other desensitisations.

To desensitise the antibody production, oral antigens called allersodes are used. The QXCI device uses an energetic allergen transfer. This therapy aims to lower the organic reaction to the allergy.

Additional Suggestions

There are always some aggravating complications with allergy. These will need to be addressed as well.

Liver and adrenal function are most important and so is digestion. Recommend taking 3 desicated liver pills at bed time. Adrenal substance can be taken in the morning.


Adrenal massage can also help. This is done by making two fists and gently rotating the fists clockwise and counterclockwise over the adrenals which are just above the kidneys. A small tap on the area can also help. Massage for 3 minutes.

Lymph massage can help to stimulate drainage. Firm and strong massage of the skin will reduce histamine. Brisk skin massage will make the skin red and this is due to the release of histamine. A sauna after the massage followed by dipping into cold water can help to lower histamine completely for days. This makes allergic reaction less possible. There are less allergies in countries where such activities are used weekly.



Lack of fatty acids is the most prevalent nutrient deficiency in the world today. These fatty acids are essential in nerve control, hormone manufacture and immune balance. Over cooking food destroys fatty acids and the best sources come from fresh and raw foods. Note that flax seed oil does not supply the total range of fatty acids.

The next largest deficiency problem relating to allergies concerns the Co A enzyme circuit - and most importantly pantothenic acid. The adrenal system needs pantothenic acid to make natural anti-histamines.

For allergies I usually suggest the following daily:

Vitamin C 1000 mg three times
Pantothenic acid 500 mg
B6 300 mg
Magnesium 100 mg
Vitamin E 400 iu


Coffee may help if it does not aggravate the nerves or cause insomnia. Three cups can help asthma. Kava Kava can also help. Others include : Liquorice, Wintergreen, Mentha, Melauca, Prunus, Ephedra (Brigham Tea), Quercetin,  THE QXCI / SCIO.

As previously stated, the NLP emotional desensitisation techniqes in the QXCI / SCIO device will assist with taking on the emotional component of the antibody cascade (which is allergy). However this is not enough. The QXCI develops other desensitisations.

Oral antigens, called allersodes, are used to desensitise the antibody production. The QXCI / SCIO device uses an energetic allergen transfer. This therapy aims to lower the organic reaction to the allergy. The device activates allersodes, nosodes, and sarcodes to offer the finest control. Use this approach once a week for a month, but with the other methods included in this report.


Home NLP Therapy 

Suggest this mental realxation and visualisation exercise, taking several minutes for each step:

  • Relax the breathing and all muscles. Reduce tension throughout the body
  • Imagine the first time you felt the allergen.
  • What emotional stress was present then?
  • Feel the stress, fear, anxiety, desire or pain of that time.
  • Release the stress and pain. Forgive whatever caused the stress.
  • Focus the mind on the area of the allergy. Imagine the breath coming in and out of the area where there is the most allergy.
  • Release the past stress from the symptom area.
  • Mentally remove all fear, guilt, pain or stress
  • Tell the body not to react to the substance. Tell the body you no longer need the allergy.
  • Relax the breathing. Feel the oxygen moving and feel the body reducing the allergy. Return to step one

 Allersode Therapy

  • Using an allergy producing compound to desensitise is a major part in the treatment of allergy desensitisation.
  • Medical doctors have used allergy shots to desensitize for years.
  • In homeopathy we take the allergy causing compound such as milk and homeopathically dilute it. This has been shown to reduce an allergy attack.
  • Allergies to inhalants, foods and many other compounds have been clinically and experimentally shown effective. (allergy work).
  • *OPSIN I and *OPSIN II contain histamine and adrenaline along with low potency herbals to help with detoxification of food and inhalant allergens, as well as providing symptomatic relief by stimulating the organism to lower the antibody response to the allergen.
  • These products can be used for light to moderate food and inhalant allergy symptoms.


Rules For The Stomach

The stomach is an important part of the anatomy. Food entering the mouth must be properly prepared for digestion. Here it is chewed and masticated before being sent to the stomach for further processing. The stomach mixes the food in an acid bath to aid the further break-down of the nutrients. When the acid shifts towards alkaline, to about 5.5 pH, the pylorus valve at the base of the stomach opens and the food is passed along to the primary digestive organ, the small intestine.

Nature has provided a nervous system that regulates this process. This nervous system is designed to prefer muscle action to digestion. If a threat or stress, such as a lion attack, comes after a meal, the body will shift it's energy from digestion to the muscles and we can survive by running away. In our present society we have few lions, but our nerves can still stop digestion just as easily.

When the stomach is allowed to empty it's contents prematurely the small intestine becomes over burdened. Food which is not properly prepared for digestion creates an increase in large undigested proteins and large undigested fats which can be absorbed into the lymphatic system. These will enter the free fatty acid and amino acid pool and either clog up the lymphatic system or are used to make cells. Such cells will now be made of poor quality parts. It is not much of a problem if the stomach is circumvented just now and then, but for some clients, this becomes a way of life.

 These clients constantly use antacids, too much liquid with meals, coffee, milk, or a variety of ways to empty the stomach too early. When the stomach empties there is a release of CCK - a hormone which produces slight antidepression or euphoria. This, together with the release of the stuffy stomach feeling, intensifies the addictive quality of the effect. However, the long term effects on nutrition are very detrimental. There are rules for the stomach that can maximize nutrition. 

The majority of clients are partially sick because they violate the rules for the stomach. This is the key to weight loss and the healing of a host of other diseases. We are seeing more and more evidence of what good nutrition can do. It is not just what we eat that is important, but what we absorb. Even the best meal or nutrition can result in inappropriate nutrition if we violate the rules. Food combining is just part of the answer and knowing that the length of time for digestion in the stomach differs for different foods. This also causes the stomach to open prematurely.


Rules For The Stomach

 When the stomach is weak the signs are:

craving fluids with a meal
bloating after a meal
itching skin, especially around the rectum
belching and gas.

The client will have a difficult time digesting raw vegetables complaining that raw vegetables can not be digested. This is not a fluke of their digestion or an inherited weakness. It is another sign of a weak stomach.

Sometimes children come home from school saying, 'I don't want to go to school any more, it makes my head hurt.' The response must be, 'I know it is hard, but you need to develop slowly and work to become better.' Advice to those with weak stomachs must be the same. 'Work slowly day by day, building up the stomach by taking some vegetables as juice. Perhaps begin with very dilute juice and slowly increase the amount until the stomach develops the strength to process food properly.'

The nutrient content of fruits and vegetables is immense, and being able to break up the nutrients and stimulate absorption is needed for complete health and recovery.

The addictive quality of this problem is seen as society allows more and more for breaking the rules for the stomach. The greater the disease - and especially if the disease is critical - the more the need to observe these rules. This is a must for proper healing.

  • Drink fluids alone (no more than 4oz. of fluid with a meal, or for 2 hours afterwards).
  • No coffee at meals (wait for 1.5 to 2 hours after or 1 hour before eating).
  • No milk with meals (wait for 1.5 to 2 hours after or 1 hour before eating).
  • Eat fruits alone (wait for 1.5 to 2 hours after or 1 hour before eating).
  • Eat melon alone (wait for 1.5 to 2 hours after or 1 hour before eating).
  • A small meal is better - think quality of nutrition, not quantity.
  • Eat more slowly. Savour, enjoy, rejoice and celebrate the meal.
  • Eat for nutrition not for stimulation and always eat when hungry, not when bored.
  • Rest comfortably after eating for at least 35 to 45 minutes to maximize the stomach function.
  • Make and eat food with love and kindness, never with violent or negative emotions.
  • Do not use antacids.
  • Do not sleep for 3 hours after eating.