Stress Reduction

Stress is the most incipient killer of people today. Stress is responsible for 70 to 80 percent of the disease in America. Stress reduction is essential in today's society for longevity, health and happiness. Below are some simple rules for fighting this unseen killer.


Stress awareness begins with recognition and becoming aware. A stress inventory provides insight into the amount of stress in our lives. As we become aware of stress, we begin to deal with it. The "ostrich" technique of stress reduction never works.


 Humans Resist Change

Humans resist change. Whether change occurs in the body, mind, social, spirit or environment, most humans will resist it. To learn to relax means learning the need to break old habits of stress reaction and substitute more productive reactions such as clear thinking, calm headed and relaxed understanding. To change requires perseverance, positivity, proper goals and beneficial rewards. Whether changing eating habits, exercise routines, stress reactions or social skills, change requires work. The rewards of a healthy body and mind are worth it for both ourselves and our family.

 Stop Addictive Behaviour

Stop addictive behaviour. Whether it is coffee, soda, sugar, heroin, cocaine, alcohol or others, an addiction is an addiction. Addiction to stimulants will always rob health and always cause disease. Truly caring for our children, we would fight to stop them from using heroin but so often they are allowed to indulge in potato chips, candy bars, tobacco and so on. The seeds of addictive behaviour stem from "stimulation dependency" in youth. If we are truly to conquer drugs, then addiction to stimulation or depression early in life must be stopped. Really caring means saying, 'No', as early as possible to stop addiction and break it's bond.

 Relax After Meals

Relax after meals. Allow at least 30 minutes after a meal to relax with comfortable music (not hard rock and roll), good spiritual books (not tax literature), good conversation (not argument) or some other relaxing diversion. Do not lie down. Sitting, standing or a light walk is recommended. Allow the body to focus on digestion for the best effect. 

Thinking Time

Allow one to two hours for worry or think time per day. Make this a quality think time to completely analyse problems and concerns. Any more than two hours a day and the mind will distort the problem and not produce a solution. Excessive worry produces more problems and more worry until this violent spiral results in disease. Use quality think time to develop quality solutions on which to act to really help with solving the problems and concerns.

 Silent Reflection

 Take 30 minutes a day for relaxation and silent reflection. Concentrate on calmness, acceptance, relaxation, health, peace or stillness. Save active thinking for later. Let this still time be one for producing calmness. Wear comfortable clothing, find a quiet spot and let those around know how important this time is to you.

 Relax Muscles

During this quiet time, relax tense muscles. Breathe deeply and slowly. Calm and relax the mind as you detach yourself from the turmoil of the day. Let go of your troubles and fill your thoughts with positive thoughts. Use this daily experience to foster your mind and body and develop your inner health.


 Remember, laughter is the best medicine.

Brain Wave Pattern


Here there is a poly spike wave set at 4-6 Hz with anterior maximum. This can be from demyleination of the cerebella area. There may be accompanying dizziness and inability to maintain balance. Treatment should include fatty acids and proper sarcodes. 


Local Slow waves are under 8hz and appear at only one electrode. Local Slow waves come from a structural lesion, ischemia, epileptic tendencies, serotonin deficiencies, tumour, haemorrhages, abscesses, migraines, hypertension etc.



Here the overall battery of the brain is weak. This can be because of mineral, dehydration, amino acid deficiency, fatty acid deficiency, or hypo-oxygenation. This can occur in brain death, stroke, Huntingdon's chorea, brain toxicity, or metabolic disease. Anxiety or intense fear can also produce such a pattern.


Ictal patterns, hyperarrhythmia, slow spike, multifocal independent spikes, epileptic spindles all are detectable. These can occur in infants sometimes without any risk. Past 8 yr. these patterns can be evidence of brain hormone deficiency, injury, or other blockage of hormonal activity.



Here there is a difference in the amplitude and or phase of the waves from the two sides of the head. Thalamic cortical lesions can cause or lesions on one side. A skull defect can cause this pattern. Suggest cranial sacral therapy or other cranial adjustment. 


Many traumas physical or emotional can produce certain wave forms. These forms are over synchronous for a period then non synchronous for a period. There will occur an abnormal alpha wave that prevents total relaxation. This indicates the need for the Injury homeopathic or other therapy for trauma.



Here slow waves (7-8 Hz) are found on both sides of the head with exactly the same occurrence. The pattern can shift location and can be detected as trains of waves on a background of lower amplitude. They can be created by hyperventilation, drowsiness, hypoglycaemia, having a disorder more in the grey matter than the white matter, structural disorders in the mesencephalon, diencephalon,or the frontal lobe. Also treat toxins, endocrine and metabolic disease.


Many conditions can effect the deep parts of the brain. Limbic, thalamic, rhineencephalon and other areas can produce certain wave deformities that will echo on each channel and even effect the total trivector analysis. Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Addison's, Wilson's other metabolic diseases can produce this pattern. Toxins such as steroids, or drugs can also do the same. Vitamin and mineral deficiency such as B12, Copper, Potassium, can also result in this function. Carbon Monoxide or oxygen deficiency such as emphysema can produce this phenomena. Hypoglycaemia or liver disease must also be treated.

Personality Disorders

The personality engram has a signature reactive field. If there are two engrams appearing this factor can appear. There are other wave forms which can be detected from the QXCI. These factors will need to be treated with counselling and or NLP techniques.