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The QX World Conference, takes place  in Budapest, Hungary. Every year Prof William Nelson invites you to the QX World Conference. Prof Nelson and his staff are living and working out of Budapest. This is an opportunity to meet them, other practitioners, as well as numerous other trainers and speakers. There is always a Welcome Dinner before the conference begins. The Conference Registration Fee includes the Welcome Dinner, lunch and coffee breaks for the 3 conference days. Breakfast is included with your accommodation depending upon the hotel option you choose. Dinner can be on your own or with friends in any of the wonderful restaurants in Budapest. 

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 Quantum EDUCTOR And SCIO Training Courses

BACK TO BASICS / Quantum Refresher. Penny Fox.
Covering all levels of the QUEX ED, EDUCTOR and QUEX S, SCIO Training using the latest OMNIS Software. 

January 19th - Jauary 23rd. 
March 15th - March 19th. 
May 14th - May 18th. 
June 18th - June 23nd. 
August 20th - August 24th. 
September 18th - September 23rd 
October 15th - October 19th. 
November 14th - November 16th

Please do contact us for further details. All hands on  Training will supply answers to all your questions. 
Please contact us at info@thequantumtraining.com for further information on our Training Courses.
Please note that confirmed registration for all available courses before attendance is essential.

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 Specific Topic Workshops

Jan 30th



Feb 20th

nervous System


March 20th

food Intolerance

May 8th


 June 30th

The Digestive System

August 25th

multiple Sclerosis

 Sept 12th

Chronic Fatigue 

Oct 3rd

Parkinson's Disease

Nov 21st

Immune Deficiency



Dec 5th

Stress - its reactions physically and psychologically





The Workshops

Working with Degenerative Disease. A speciality hands on day, working through specific screens in a real life clinical situation. 

The philosopy and Practise of Chinese Medicine with relationship to the SCIO. Diane Wicker.

The International Academy for Quantum Training is affiliated with The Jade College of Natural Therapy, Avril Hamilton and Penny Fox are offering a series of very specific workshops. You will receive a certificate and CPD points. Penny and Avril will be discussing the pathology of related conditions, how one would work energetically with the Quantum Device and they will be including their Naturopathic and Nutritional expertise. 



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Related Seminars

Monika Wingrove very kindly invites us to her home (about 3 mins from Victoria Station, London) for informal Quantum Get-togethers. If you would like to go, do please contact us for more information.

If you would like a one to one training on specific areas of interest for yourself with Penny Fox, do please contact us.  

First Aid For Therapists

Would you know what to do if one of your clients had an epileptic fit? Could you cope if someone you knew was bleeding badly or had been electrocuted? Our one-day First Aid course will teach you all the basic life-saving and First Aid techniques.

This dynamic, participative HSE certified course is run by Alex Brazkiewicz.
He is a state registered paramedic, PHTLS instructor and First Aid at work instructor. He has great experience in teaching first aid courses to complementary therapists.He has vast experience in all areas of First Aid on the front line, and he’ll teach you the essential skills you’ll need to enable you to deal with medical emergencies, risk assessment and potential client health problems. Upon successful completion of this course you’ll be awarded an A4 display Certificate in First Aid for the Appointed Person, HSE certified and valid for 3 years.

This course complies both with the standards laid down by the UK and European Resuscitation Protocols, and with the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) 1981 First Aid at Work legislation for Appointed Persons.

London.Time: 10.00am to 5.30pm
Cost:: £75. These days are held regularly. For further details do please contact us.


Penny Fox, EDUCTOR/SCIO/INDIGO/QXCI Quantum Master Trainer, offers Certified 6 day Training most months in the UK or Budapest

 On the last day of the Basic Training, there is an optional hands on workshop. This is a requirement for Insurance and necessary for IAQT Certification. But not essential for the attendance certificates.

Cost: Free with the purchase, and/or a Scholarship.
Please bring your computer, QUEX ED,EDUCTOR  or QUEX S, SCIO and Training manuals.

For further information & details about training  please


Please email us with the subject: "QUANTUM TRAINING" to confirm your reservation with us


  • Computer Training
  • Basic Navigation
  • Book Review
  • Live Client Session Demo
  • How to Run a Session
  • Underlying Principles
  • Basic Steps
  • Testing
  • Test Interpretation
  • Shaping Function
  • Short Sarcodes
  • Risk Profile
  • Spinal
  • Accessories Demo
  • Test Interpretation
  • Homotoxicology
  • Nelson Medicine
  • Closing Procedure
  • Body Viewer & Iridology
  • Disease Dictionary
  • Hololinguistic Therapy
  • Auto Meridian Therapy
  • Superconscious Reduction
  • NLP
  • Mental Emotional Chart
  • Unconscious Reactivity
  • Activate Freq. Mod.
  • Anti-aging
  • Orgone Generator
  • Neurological Applications


  • Spiritual Healing
  • Biofeedback
  • Aura Scan
  • Sub Morphic Trans
  • Questions & Answers
  • Hands-on Workshop
  • Marketing & Networking
  • Biofeedback Exam
  • Dental/TMJ
  • Aging
  • Homotoxicology
  • Degenerative Disease
  • Raising Immunity
  • Allergies
  • Auto Color Therapy
  • Auto Frequency Therapy
  • Auto Trivector Therapy
  • Timed Therapies
  • Nutrition
  • Allergy
  • Emotional Counseling 1&2
  • Advanced Applications
  • Age Related Declines
  • Specific Organ Investigation
  • Quantum Communication
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Advanced Applications
  • Review
  • Questions & Answers
  • Hands-on Workshop