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The International Academy for Quantum Training offers State of the Art education. Enabling you to gain a thorough knowledge to navigate the: QUEXED/S/ SCIO/INDIGO/EDUCTOR and to achieve certification and Insurance in Quantum Biofeedback. The certification offered can include ITEC Anatomy & Physiology, NTCB Biofeedback, IMUNE and IAQT Certification. The International Academy for Quantum Training is affiliated with Imune and QX World. IAQT is also affiliated with The Complimentary Medical Association. There is continual support via the telephone, Skype and email as required. Attendance certification is given to all attendees, and on completion of the course requirements, full certification. 

 Education Service in The UK and the world


A one-to-one Core Level Start Up Day


This is an optional day to enable new QUEX/EDUCTOR/SCIO/INDIGO owners a basic understanding of how to navigate the screens, with the use of the manual. 

The Navigation Manual has been designed to aid the total beginner. This day is also to enable the QUEX/EDUCTOR/SCIO/INDIGO owner an insight into understanding their  personal key areas.

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology


Jade College of Natural Therapy is able to offer certification for their distance learning or ITEC attendance Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology courses. Both courses are 50 hours. Jade College is a long established training centre for Holistic Therapies. Its principal is Avril Hamilton, who has a masters degree in learning and teaching. Avril is also a practicing therapist and has been for 18 for years The ITEC course is based in Bedford UK (very easy to get to by train) and covers 12 Saturday afternoons 2 - 5.00 pm. This will be contact tuition. Distance learning will be 10 modules and upon completion of these modules a certificate from Jade College will be awarded. It is recommended that you take about a month to fully learn each module, but it can be covered in a shorter time span should you require it.



This can be  a 4 - 6 day Group Course or a 3-4 day One to One Course, depending on the Individual. This is run most months in Europe, including Hungary and the UK, There is a set syllabus, which need not all be done in one instalment. A particular module or the full course may be frequented as many times as required.  On the last day the students are asked to work in pairs to give a "real life consultation." 



Qualifications/ Certification:

The Academy can offer a Jade College and an ITEC Anatomy & Physiology qualification and the IAQT  certification.


Seminars and Conferences:

Throughout the year practitioners can attend seminars and conferences at various locations around the world. Recently these have included Hungary, the Bahamas, Spain, the UK and the Americas. The inventor of the technology regularly speaks at these events and facilitates workshops on advanced principles.

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Support is offered via a Discussion Forum, Support Days, Telephone, Skype, Zoom  and Email. One to one training can be arranged.



Insurance and Continuing Education Points:

On completion of the course the students are guided to take out Insurance. Continuing Education points are awarded.