The Field of energetic medicine has arrived

The field of energetic medicine is alive.
Energetic Medicine measures the subtle energies of the body.

In the past, measurement of these subtleties have mainly only been done through techniques using subtle muscle control of the therapist. These include muscle testing, point probes applied to the skin, and also measurements using other techniques such as web pads, pendulums, etc. All of these have now been found to be under complete control of the therapist and are therefore questionable when measuring the patient's energy. This was a limit of past technology.

Energetic Medicine measures the body electric. To measure the body electric we have to measure the amperage, (which is measuring the amount of electrical ions in the body). The pressure behind these ions is known as voltage (which results from hormonal conditions of the body). The amperage corresponds to the idea of the life force - in other words the charge of the human battery. Whereas the voltage responds to the willpower - the amount of hormonal energy that pushes the body electric. As this electricity and electrical factors go through the body they are impeded, or have natural resistance. In the field of energetic medicine many people only measure the resistance. To truly measure the body electric we need to measure the voltage and amperage as well as resistance. The basic analysis of electronics will tell us that we need to know the basic voltage, amperage, and resistance of an electrical circuit in order to understand the circuit. This is an increase in technology.


Another factor of the body electric is the time of reactivity that the human body relates to its external environment. We know that athletes can react to beyond 1/50th of a second to the external environment. We find that the average person has an electrical or an unconscious reactivity to the external environment that is approximately 1/100th of a second. This varies between patient to patient. Calibration is needed if we're going to truly use energetic medicine.


Use of the point probe and other devices are incapable of measuring the body at these speeds to measure the true reactivity of the patient - two different substances. Thus the body electric consists of its voltages, amperage and it's resistance components which make up a wide variety of electrical readings, including wattage, reactivity, succeptance, resistance, impedance, etc. There are oscillations in these currents, therefore changes of voltage or amperage. Oscillations can not be properly accessed with just resistance measurements. This is an increase in technology.

Point probe devices have been found to be inadequate in their ability to measure the time changes of the body. They measure only resistance; they do not measured voltage, amperage or changes. Plus the techniques of past measurements of energetic medicine have all employed therapist control - especially the conscious mind of the therapist. Thereby allowing for the therapist to perhaps alter the readings. The point probe therapist can produce any result that he wishes on his patient. The measurement can be dependent on the therapist's intuition or knowledge.


 The QXCI-SCIO has come into a dramatic advance in technology - The QXCI is able to measure 55 different voltages, amperages, resistance changes happening in the body approximately every 1/1000 of a second. The SCIO is able to measure 110 different voltages, amperages, resistance changes happening in the body approximately every 2/1000 of a second. The devices can. correlate the reactions, see trends in reactivity and the trends in amperage changes related to oxidation and hydration. They are able to measure the body electric at the body electric's ionic exchange speeds, which are approximately 1/100 of a second. This necessitates a computer. The QXCI-SCIO is completely free of the subtle muscle control of the therapist. Thereby the therapist cannot consciously modify the speed of delivery of the point probe because there is no point probe. The therapist cannot make a disease appear if it is not there. 

The advances of the QXCI-SCIO to be able to measure at body speeds as well as measuring the total body electric, have enabled energetic medicine to advance to the state that it is now. This is a dramatic advance in technology. This new technology will revolutionise and validate energetic medicine. The QXCI-SCIO will bring body electric medicine into the main stream.

 Education Service in The UK and the world


 Education Service in The UK and the world

Another advance in technology that the QXCI-SCIO employs is that of an interplay between its indication and therapeutic conditions. The QXCI-SCIO can measure the body's reaction to a therapy. For example an electrical bio-resonance style therapy, or a brain wave therapy, or in fact a host of other different types of therapies that are applied to the body can be measured to see how the body reacts to them. This allows us to get an auto-focus loop - a feedback loop allowing the body to choose the appropriate therapy in response to the body electric. If the patient were to have an alarm response, this would be measured by the device and the device would shut down the therapy. Other therapeutic devices are simply one way devices that send energy into the body and have no way of knowing if the therapeutic treatment of the body had been adequate, had been reacted to, or needed to be terminated. This new advance, the cybernetic link, being able to do therapy, see indications simultaneously, and thereby auto focus the energetic medicine treatment, is another advance in technology. If you can imagine having a one-way telephone that would only allow you to talk to the person. You would not even know if they picked up the phone. You would not have the feedback of being able to talk to the person and interrelate ideas coming and going. This is the style of the therapy that has been done by other devices - which are one-way directions that send energy into the body and do not measure alarm responses to turn off, and do not measure changes that are needed by the body in the frequency or amplitude or wave form of the therapy. All of these things are under control by the patient in the QXCI-SCIO therapy.



a dramatic advance in not only the diagnostic capacity of measuring the body electric, but also the treatment of the body electric has been manifested in the QUEX ED, QUEX S, EDUCTOR  and SCIO.

The advances of the technology are tremendous. If you are interested in energetic medicine, or being a practitioner of energetic medicine, you need to investigate these advances and arrange a free demonstration and get to know what the QUEX  ED, or QUEX S,   can do for your practice and for your patients. Please contact:



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