software Training Manuals

              This manual is constantly evolving, keeping astride the latest software. It is intended to cover beginners, intermediate and advanced material, using a step by step, easy reference process. It has been designed as a training aid,  recommending  how to navigate  through the many screens, showing us a way in, what we can find  and what we may do. whilst also covering important topics relating to the different modules.

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Below includes the first three pages of the Eductor SCIO manual...

The Procedure for Starting and Using the EDUCTOR and SCIO

C IS THE ABBREVIATION FOR CLICK. The grey areas, help the beginner by putting emphasis on the steps to be completed. OPT = Optional.

Turn the EDUCTOR/SCIO box on at the back of the box. The lights on the front of the box will appear and then go out leaving the green light on.

Put the harnesses on the patient.

The person should take off all jewellery not worn at night, and remove keys, telephone and money from their pockets. It is not advisable to put the straps over natural fibres, cotton or silk. Man made fibres, nylon stockings are fine.
The blue strap goes on the right ankle and the red strap goes on the right wrist.
The black strap goes on the left ankle and the yellow strap on the left wrist.
The flex should be on the right side of the head. The strips go on the skin.
The harness may be sterilised with a water and alcohol mix or wiped gently with warm soapy water.

CC on Clasp 32 icon. It takes approx. 20 seconds for the Consciousness Program to activate.

When the program is loaded 25%, the harness / electrode check for the SCIO box appears on the screen. The ‘electrode check’ feature indicates the SCIO / Computer connection. (If this box does not come up, the computer has not found the SCIO box C Search for SCIO on the next screen and follow directions, or Close the program and start again.)  


Education Service in The UK and the world

 C Close The lights on the SCIO Device Rx & Tx and 1-8 will flash. The RX & TX, (R)eceiving and (T)ransmitting.

C Continue - The smaller Continue is the quicker of the two.


This the Home Page. The background for this screen varies.

C Password C OK


(This opens the password screen, where it says deactivation, indicating your system is activated)
Write in 0210 

OPT: Different SCIO Themes may be chosen by scrolling and Clicking on the chosen one. The program and software images will adapt, putting more emphasis in this area. Do not click on the Therapies in Home Use Prescription because this program is written for people who are not practitioners, and once you have entered this screen you have to reload the software to get back to the original software. 



C - Add Faculty (always ask first) enter name, C file C save C file C exit This information will stay until a new disk is loaded. The aim being to share your work with a supporting energy.

C OK This takes you back to the Home Page.


 C Demographics Suppression and Obstruction to cure


Put in persons name, sex,
The person must answer the questions in the green panel. Hints can be accessed by moving the cursor on the writing

OPT: Athlete. Land. Animal. *For Animal Testing see page 55. 
Only if the person is an Athlete. This program is looking for peak performance not diseased states. C Top Class Athlete C Animal Testing C Athlete C Load and Close The last 3 steps would be followed for an animal. 
If wanting to work on the land: C Animal Testing C Geography-land-please load map C Load and Close.

C SOC Calculate
OPT: C Impairment Data C on appropriate areas C Go To Vindicate specific areas may be C here. These are taken into consideration by the test.

C Patient Data (load New or Old patient) C OK
C New Patient C OK
Add DOB C on each no/ individually and rewrite
Add Place/ Country by C and writing in each box

For the astrological reading
C Birth, Time and Place on top bar
Enter birth time or C If unsure of birth time, Calculate and copy no's into the white blank box.This is a 24 hour clock
C Geography on top bar
C on country of birth this brings up map. CC on birth area
C OK C Save Current Patient
C Yes to return to previous screen

C Close

The Biorhythm Screen This screen will only automatically come up if there is a Biorhythm Risk present. C Yes to enter

C Start The red is at risk for the day.
C Medical Astrology This never changes. The Chinese Astr. has a today's risk.
C Treat Biorhythm Concern 
OPT: Keep clicking on centre of atom to view partner's compatibility
OPT: C Children Talk for Affirmations and Philosophical Hints, etc.
C Close 


OR B: Next Appointment: 

C Demographics
C Patient Data(load New or Previous patient) this takes you into new screen
C OK C on patients name
C Previous Patient
C Yes C Yes
OPT: C Impairment Data, Tick appropriate boxes. C Go To Vindicate as in step A
C Close

OR C: Next Appointment:LOADING A PERSON with SOC changes
C Demographics put in their name, make changes
C SOC Calculate
C Patient Data(load New or Old patient)
C OK C on their name
C Modify Patient C Save Current Patient Yes
OPT: C Impairment Data C Go To Vindicate as in step A C Close

C Calibration on the Home Page
C Fast Track Calibration Have only the person looking ath the Screen not the practitioner. OPT: See page 61.

If the calibration is less than 85:
C Search and clear field anomalies only if less than 85
C Adjust Calibration This may be C a few times to reach 85+
C Correct Geopathic Anomalies

Geopathic Stress

One or more of the following disturbancies may be observed:

Hartman Cross: Possible degenerative energy disturbance.
Curry Cross: Indicates electrical disturbance.
Szent Georgyi Cross: Indicates blood sugar disturbance.
Ley Cross: Indicates landline disturbance.
Water Cross: Indicates water flow disturbance. 
C OK C Yes This takes you back to the home page

 OPT: C Computer Risk Field Neutralization This screen is for:

1) Neutralizing and diminishing computer stress.

2) Checking a room for Geopathic Stress.

(It is suggested not to have a person in the harness to do once a week, or when working in a new area.)

3) The Schuman Field and Subspace Protection Field Can be activated and deactivated here.
C Show + Tine Harmonics. C Click to further adjust Software Overclock

C Check Room for Geopathic Stress If GS is found and C Clean Workplace

C Treat Temporal Anomaly When this button appears it indicates a flaw in the flow of time. 

C Close


 A. F. E. Auto Focus Emphasis, 54 
Aberration box. See Activate Frequency Modulation Program, 33 
Activation, 8 
Acu Diag, 37 
Acupoint, 37 
Acute, 13 
Adaption Phase, 87 
Add Faculty, 11 
Add more patients to subspace treatment, 35 
Add Remedy to Test Matrix, 47 
Adipose Break up RX, 35 
Adrenal Balance, 24 
Aging, 31 
Alarm, 17 
Allergen- amplify, invert, 27 
Allergy, 16 
Allersodes, 26 
Allopathic Drug Detox, 21 
Amino Acids, 14 
Amperage, 55 
Amplify Allergen, 27 
Animal Testing, 11, 55 
Anti-aging, 30 
Anti - aging Rx, 31 
Anti-Smoking, 59 
Astrological reading, 11 
Athlete, 11
Attention Deficit, Brain Fatigue leap, 34 
Aura, 30 
Auto Colour Therapy, 40 
Auto Focus Bio-Resonance Zap, 15 
Auto Frequency Therapy, 40 
Auto Meridian /Hyper-Reactants, 37 
Auto Trivector, 38 
Auto Zap from Filter 5 mins, 15 
Autonomic Nerval System, 34

 Beauty, 30 
Bio terrain results, 22 
Biofeedback Systemic Relaxation, 42 
Bio-Growth, 35 
Biophysical Similar, 25 
Bio resonance Bicom + Mora Like, 33 
Biorhythm Risk, 11 
Biorhythms, 25 
Birth, Time and Place, 11 
Blood Analysis, 32 
Blood Sugar Disorders, 36 
Blood Treatments, 32 
Body And Face Scan, 30 
BODYVIEWER. SCIO Instructions, 49 
Bone, 25 
Brain Scan, 20 
Brain Scan for Nutrition, 36 
Brain wave Pattern Definitions, 73 
Brain Wave Speed, 34 
Brainwave Pattern Therapy, 34 
Buddha, 19 
Build Enlightenment + Mental Powers, 19 


 Calibration, 12 
Cellular Phase, 21 
Cellular Vitality index, 55 
Chakra, 30 
Chakra Definitions and Relationships, 75 
Chakra Relationships, 75 
Check Current Rectifications, 48 
Children Talk, 12 
Chronic, 13 
Circulation, 25 
Clifford Report, 28 
Closing the Program, 48 
Coherence, 16 
Com Port, 7 
Computer locks up, 62 
Computer Risk Field Neutralization, 12 
Computer Trouble Shooting, 9, 62 
Connect Short Sarcodes, 18 
Connect to Emotion + NLP, 19 
Constitutional, 25 
Covert thought Pattern, 19 
Cranial Sacral, 23 
Creativity, 20 
Curry Cross, 12

Dark Field Blood Analysis, 32 
Degeneration Treatment, 36 
Demographics, 11 
Demographics Questionnaire, 94 
Dental - Oral Muscular Re-Education, 28 
Dermatomes, 22 
Desensitization, 27 
Detox Stimulation, article, 82 
Detox Stimulation. Homotoxicology, 21 
Difference, 16 
Disclaimer, 4
Disease Dictionary, 43 
Disease Probability and Dictionary, 14, 43 
Disrupt the Hypothalamus-Gall Bladder Connection, 20 
Dissipate Karma, 20 
DNA Correction & Stabilzation, 39 
DNA The Book Of Life, 39 
Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, 36 
Drag and drop, 17 

EEar + Etc., 18 
Eight Channels of Neurological Aberration In Stanine Percent, 35 
Electro chelation boost, 38 
Electron Pres., 55 
ELF Magnetic Field, 35